Teacher Bios



Regina Trailweaver has been practicing yoga for 30 years.  Like so many, she started with the practice of asana (postures,) and was soon drawn to the more subtle aspects of yoga: the  cultivation of a non-reactive, non-judgmental state through focusing the mind and breath and unifying the mind, heart, and body.She began studying and teaching yoga and eventually obtained her yoga teacher certification through Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  She is especially interested in calming the stress response and activating the well being response.  Her teaching of asana and pranayama (breathing practices) is infused with her passion for the deeper teachings of yoga and her commitment to the mental, emotional, and physical well being of her students.  Regina takes seriously the promise of yoga to be free from suffering.  Regina has studied extensively with several Iyengar certified teachers and this is evidenced in her attention to alignment and physiology.  She also recently a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Janet Stone in 2022.

To see Regina teach yoga:  https://vimeo.com/487823849



In addition to teaching yoga, Kate Greenleaf is a health coach,

massage therapist and aromatherapist.  An examplar of healthy

living, Kate's approach is simple, gentle, and non-judgmental.  

With her multiple areas of expertise, she brings a holistic perspective to every health challenge.  Kate has been practicing and teaching yoga for decades, studying at Kripalu and Yoga Vermont and obtaining her yoga teacher certification through the Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Lotus Yoga is pleased to host Kate several times a year for workshops and series.

See Kate teach:  https://vimeo.com/492591057

Contact Kate directly @ greenleafholistic.com.



 Joanne Reynolds has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, beginning with an introduction to yoga while attending college. She is loving her new life chapter of retirement which allows her to spend more time with her husband, John, and their dog Zoe.  She is a collector of old and antique things, an avid gardener, and enjoys long walks in the woods, spending time at the ocean and kayaking on nearby VT ponds and lakes.

Joanne brings a calm energy to classes, focusing on gentle movement, self-massage, chanting, and calming breath work. She graduated from Lotus Yoga teacher training in 2020.  Look for her Saturday morning class to return this September, 2022!



Monika Gadre grew up in Bombay, India, where Yogasan and Ayurveda were her childhood friends. She remembers how Happy baby pose was recommended as a cure for indigestion, or milk, honey and ghee were used to cure constipation. Yes, she is quite focused on our overall bowel health!

The practice of  Yogasan and Ayurveda stayed with her as she moved to the United States, for her graduate studies. With the new country and new culture, she would often retreat to Yogasan as a transitional guide, to root and center. After going through the phases of pregnancy, and other life-changing events, Monika became more curious about the beautiful piece of engineering that is our human body, and decided to get her teacher training certification. She met many wonderful teachers, including Regina, who honed her experience in imparting yogasan education. Currently, she lives in Virginia and uses the magical Zoom to connect online with Vermont. Monika's classes are constantly adapting to the changing weather and our ever changing bodies. Her students benefit from breathwork and mindful cues, which invite them to look within their own selves, cultivating a sense of freedom in every class. 
She believes that when the company is enjoyable, the journey is enjoyable, no matter what the destination is. Come and join her in this wonderful yoga journey.  Check out her on demand 
program for happy hips:  https://lotus-yoga.punchpass.com/classes/11410456