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When My Energy is Low

Sometimes I wake up and don’t have much energy for what’s on my plate that day. On those days, what helps me tap into more energy? First, I simply accept that my energy is low. I drink my coffee as slowly as possible as this will help me to resist having that second cup that I think will pep me up but will just rev up my nervous system, especially my enteric nervous system, and leave me feeling scattered and drained. Instead of the brisk walk I usually take, I stroll up the road, crossing things off of my to do list for the day, the week, and the month…anything that I can procrastinate on!

Due to the slower pace of my walk, I notice the nature around me. Worms have cast themselves all over the muddy road and the sound of pure, clear water rushing in the mountain streams makes a beautiful melody. I feel the misting rain lightly soaking my hair and clothing. I think of Shakti falling through space and discovering water, feeling the rain wet on her skin, experiencing herself as the falling rain. The Ayurvedic qualities associated with Spring, earth and water, help me to ground and, at the same time, to move more fluidly.

Meanwhile, the element of air, associated with Spring in many earth based wisdom traditions, lifts my energy a bit. Even with my slower pace, the incline of the road, has my lungs filling up with fresh air and emptying out stagnation and toxins. Having dropped the to do list to the utmost extent possible, walking more slowly, connecting with nature, and being with my energy just as it is, I am lighter and brighter. The day is still wet and foggy but I feel cozy with my water resistant gear and much more clear in my heart and in my head.

As I walk, I recognize that it has been a challenging period. On top of several other family stresses and crises, my father was hospitalized two weeks ago and one week ago I returned from visiting him. Two days of travel for two days of being with him; "such a long time to be gone, such a short time to be there.” He was discharged with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I have been resting more than usual but my body and mind are telling me that I need to continue slowing down, gathering my energy, sustaining myself for all that lies ahead.

Connecting with the elements of each season helps me to align my actions with my energy in a healthy and compassionate way. I think of Mother Earth speaking to Sita in her crisis of faith: “Return to me, child, where you belong, to merge with the rhythms of nature and call forth the turning of the seasons.” The cycle of the seasons is a constant reminder of the impermanence of life but she who merges with the rhythms of nature and calls forth the turning of the seasons, she is eternal.

So when my energy is low, I go slow. I sink a little into the wet earth. I notice how pink those worms are, how soothing the sound of water is, how invigorating the air is. And I am never disappointed.

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