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There is Nothing Like Death

To distill everything down to its essence,

All poisons brought to the surface

In a few, fleeting moments.

Once all is purified, love is left

To simplify life, making clear

Who is real and who will

Betray you, who lies and who tells

The truth, what matters

And what doesn't. Love holds

Space for all feelings, without

Judgment. The head of wisdom

solemnly nods. Compassion slowly

circles the heart and we know

That love is patient with the pastor

Who thinks his tribe has a monopoly

On grace. Love is kind to those

Who forgot, to those who made

Mistakes, to those who have regret

And yet move on because we must.

Love forgiveth all things.

So simple, so clear, so pure

And yet so ignored.

-Regina Trailweaver, 5/25/2023

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