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The Grey Day of No Light

Updated: May 2

The sun never came out,

Not even once,

No patch or even slice of blue

Sky ever appeared at all.

As the temperature rose,

Big mounds of snow slowly

Receded into mud and

What might be or might have

Been green.

Here we know that weather

Is the most important event.

The two ducks fly low and fast

Against the steel flint of sky,

Pocketed above the hills

And dark flowing river,

tumbling and frothing against

the ubiquitous rocks.

They fly with the wind,

Sending a warning

Of what is coming.

They are mated for life

And never hate each other,

Working ceaselessly

Together as one.

We wait as the trees blow

Against the grey sky,

Dark clouds shifting.

All is moving yet nothing changes.

Is it a day of justice?

Will truth appear in this

Dense mist of green light?

Soon we will know.

The rain spits against

The windows

As the long, grey day

Of cold, wet spring

Dives into darkness.

Regina Trailweaver


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