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Mud Season Musings

Updated: Apr 1

In Vermont the madness of March is in the mud

Then April showers in the cruelest month

Do other states even know what a mud room is?

It is the room where the outside comes in

And we try to contain it there

But it creeps up the stairs

Into the hall way

Winter is over but still it snows

Spring snow, ice over wet, slippery earth

It sounds like I am complaining

But I love it

We love it

Because this is the season that is not a season

The season full of false promise

That sweeps the positive aside

Drowns any optimism

And keeps us real and rooted

Some might say stuck in the mud

I say swim in it, like Shakti did

When she discovered and uncovered

The density of substance

The gravity that creates the structure

That allows this spirit to be embodied

If you are interested in learning more about Shakti and her relationship with dirt:

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