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Grounding and Centering

are the most important actions we can take when life gets turbulent.

Like a mountain, we want to embody the strength of the earth while being present to the energy swirling all around us, all the while rising up towards the sky.

Grounding is about planting yourself into what nourishes you and provides positive, life giving energy.

Centering is about drawing inwards so that you can lift up towards your higher self, moving sky ward.

Root to rise, as you will often hear in your yoga class.

What helps you to ground down and plant into the earth?

Think about what foods you can eat, what activities you can engage with, which people you want to spend time with, and where you want to focus your energy.

Mentally, which thoughts help you to feel grounded? Emotionally, which feelings provide sustenance? Physically, how do you strengthen yourself? Energetically, where do you focus for stillness?

Now, consider the physical actions you might take to center yourself: close your eyes, focus on your breath, draw the navel in and up to lengthen the spine and lift your heart. What emotional experience helps you to feel balanced? What kind of mental activity connects you to the inner terrain? Energetically, how do you move towards the center of the center of your center?

Grounding and centering actions increase steadiness, like that of the mountain, and from that steadiness, ease will flow like a clear, refreshing mountain stream.

I have been so inspired and moved as I hear your stories of grief, loss, resilience, acceptance, and creative solutions. Many of you have been hiking and biking these Green Mountains, soaking up the wisdom of these ancient ridges worn smooth by the ebb and flow of millennia. Others sit still, waiting, resting into the peace of the quiet earth. However you choose to connect with mountain energy, whether walking or hiking a mountain trail, sitting or gazing on a mountain, I know that calm strength will be yours.



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