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 Trauma Informed Yoga


Do you feel hijacked by your own nervous system?

Do certain people and situations activate panic and anxiety?

Or do you tend to collapse, disappear, and shut down when you experience stress?

Perhaps you have been able to achieve, accomplish, and excel in spite of traumatic or stressful life events but you feel cut off from your authenticity, afraid to speak your truth?


You dream of breaking out, breaking free, or wish you could just break down and stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Yoga makes big promises about freedom and the freedom to break down is offered.  The dark night of the soul is not a crisis to be avoided but an opportunity that is welcomed by yoga. Whether breaking out, breaking free, or breaking down, yoga is here to affirm and support your journey.  And while the promise of yoga to be free from suffering may seem out of reach, I have seen that promise fulfilled in my own life and in the lives of my students and clients over and over again. We often hear that the results of regular yoga practice include overall conditioning, core strength, and mental focus.  But we don't always make the connection that these results also help you to heal from trauma.  Trauma creates a split between mind and body, making it difficult to trust either your physical sensations, your feelings, or your thoughts.  Connecting with your body, building core strength, and developing mental focus will also help you to heal from trauma.  

Overcoming trauma through yoga is happening here at Lotus Yoga.  You will learn how to center yourself through not just the postures of yoga, but also through the ethics, energy regulation, and meditation techniques of yoga.  Welcome to Lotus Yoga, where we offer healing power, new skills, and numerous tools to rewire your nervous system and make friends with your body, rediscovering your own wholeness.

If you are ready to begin or deepen your practice with experienced and certified yoga instruction and yoga classes near Barre, then look no further. Contact Lotus Yoga today to find out how you can start or continue your healing journey! Learn and take classes at your pace and from the comfort of your own home with online yoga class options too. Yoga is more than a mental exercise or a form of physical conditioning.  It can be a doorway to an entirely new world of emotional balance and holistic health. Whether you are a novice or experienced yoga practitioner, contact Lotus Yoga for more information - because trauma can be healed with Yoga.

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