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On Demand Yoga

Yes, On-Demand Yoga!

Anytime, Anywhere

Creating Lifestyle Change 

It's hard to establish, let alone maintain, healthy habits. Based on techniques from yoga, backed by science, develop the systems and find the strategies and routines that will work for you!  This program will help you get started and keep it going!


A Year of Yoga provides three lessons a week to support and inspire your asana, meditation, and breathing techniques.  Beginner and experienced yoga students alike will learn and deepen their understanding of yoga as a system for self care and robust mental health.


Let That Old Story Go

Release regret, rewrite the narrative of who you really are, and rewire your neural circuitry to embrace your wholeness and optimize your health and happiness.  The four stages and four aims of yoga are the empowering template that will provide you the tools and skills to let that old story go.



Listen to the Body's Wisdom

Learn about the vayus, the winds that flow, in and all around you. This course will bring you deep into the study of prana, the life force, and the five ways in which it moves in and around the body.  Manage your thoughts, regulate your emotions, and harness the power of your life force. Mindfulness skills and techniques to connect with the somatic wisdom of your own body.  



In yoga, sandhya is the transition from sunset to midnight, a time to transition from your busy day into restful sleep.  If you struggle with insomnia, restless sleep, or would like to have more relaxing evenings, this course is full of strategies and techniques to create healthy bedtime routines and rituals.



Ayurveda, the medicinal aspect of Yoga, offers a practice that aligns with the energy of each season.  In the Spring, we work with the elements of air and water; in Summer, we balance the heat with a more cooling practice; in Fall, you will need to embrace change and transition; in Winter, seek warm and cozy practices.  Asanas, pranayama, and meditations are provided for your deepest experience of each time of year.



Programs are Taught by Regina Trailweaver, LICSW RYT-500

"I know how hard it can be to take care of myself so I have created these programs just for you!"


* 30 years of clinical practice

* 30 years of study with the leaders in the field of embodied healing for trauma, depression, and anxiety, with both mental health and yoga experts


You will learn:

* How to find time to nurture yourself

* Easy self care activities

*To open your heart, free your mind, and love your body

*About setting healthy boundaries

*To be free from suffering and live with ease

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