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Our Story

Lotus Yoga was established in 2013 in the Old Mathewson School Building, an historic building in down town Barre, Vermont.  Regina was the only teacher for the first few years, but as the sangha, community of students grew, Kate Greenleaf, Joanne Reynolds, and Monika Gadre joined in to provide a dynamic offering of classes, series, and workshops.

We Believe Yoga:


*Owner and Director


*clinical social worker



*Reiki Practitioner

*Massage Therapist

*Health Coach



*Certified in Yoga Nidra



*Resident Sanskrit Expert

is more than poses

Yoga is a technology for mental health and can heal trauma, depression, and anxiety.

is for all levels

We teach all levels in all classes and offer props, modifications, and loving encouragement.

is a practice

not a perfect.  We are always in process, learning and growing

uncovers your wholeness

So that you can remember who your true self really is

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