Reconnect With Yourself

I was first drawn to yoga at the age of 15 when living in Thailand.  I was feeling so depressed.  Now it seems obvious!  I had been moving constantly since I was born and had a deep and dark sense of loss and longing.  I fantasized that I was a gypsy, never felt that I belonged, and developed social anxiety while others often made fun of me for being shy.  My first experience of yoga was of simply being in postures that toned and opened my musculature, releasing stress and tension, breathing deeply, and finally experiencing a sense of peace without the use of drugs or alcohol.

My Yoga Journey

However, yoga fell away and an unpredictable life ensued.  I married, had children, went through a divorce, struggled with ongoing mental health issues and economic insecurity, and began to find my way back to yoga at the same time that I pursued a master's degree in social work.  Even as my career flourished, I endured another marriage and divorce, trauma for my children and myself, and more economic instability.  But this time, I stayed on the yoga path and saw my journey as an opportunity for growth, my suffering and crisis as a healing journey.  I began to practice the postures more regularly and soon was drawn to all eight limbs of yoga.  I found the power of breathing, the peace of meditation, and the wealth of wisdom in the yogic history, literature, and philosophy.  I was able to see that my whole life had been a search for this wisdom tradition.

Is everything perfect now? Hell, no.  But the sages say a broken heart is an open heart.  I have learned to be aware of my thoughts and not necessarily believe them.  To accept my feelings but wait before acting on them.  To bring myself into alignment with the teachings of yoga before making decisions or taking action.  


I am so grateful for my teachers.  I have spent months at Kripalu where I trained for my 200 hour certification.  And years with my teacher, Janet Stone, with whom I trained for my 500 hour certification.  My fellow Lotus Yoga teachers have inspired and supported me and kept me going when I wanted to give up.  I have now been offering the teachings of yoga in this studio for almost 20 years!  I have trained yoga teachers to be trauma informed and mental health professionals to incorporate yoga into treatment, based on my own counseling experience.  I have experienced yoga as a technology for sanity and mental health for myself, my students and my clients.  I am committed to the traditional teachings of  yoga as a wisdom tradition, one closely aligned with all aboriginal and wisdom traditions around the world and throughout time.  And I know that yoga has and always will evolve.  It is a science, open to experimentation and new knowledge.  Yet, science continually supports the ancient claims that yoga can create freedom from suffering and a life of ease.  


I offer a practice that is grounded in an extensive knowledge of postures,  anatomy, and physiology, steeped in my love of the yogic philosophy and Vedic literature, and a healthy skepticism and tendency to question authority.  As you may have noticed from my photos, I have a passion for nature and outdoor play.  I also love writing, cooking from my garden, and traveling.  Yes, it was hard growing up but now I realize how I fortunate I was and am.


Wishing you peace and love,






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