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Regina Trailweaver

alignment | awareness | acceptance


welcome to lotus yoga

Do you struggle with stress, trauma, depression or anxiety?

Are you seeking more balance in your life?  

Would you like to address issues of stiffness and pain in your body?

Do you want to love your self, your body, and your life?

Lotus Yoga offers a practice of wholeness, supporting a calm mind, emotional balance, and your healthiest body.  

I understand it can be scary to walk into a class of strangers and try something completely new and unknown.  I grew up moving every one or two year my whole life and I can assure you that the students at Lotus Yoga are kind, friendly, non judgmental and accepting because that is what we practice here!  And if you are worried that you won't know what to do or how to do it, you will see that yoga postures are based on natural and easy movements.  If you want to try more challenging variations, safety is our top priority.

Would you like to experience more freedom and ease in every area of your life?  Feel healthier, stronger, and more flexible in your mind, body, and soul?After studying and practicing yoga for over thirty years, I can promise you that this is a transformational practice that will change your life!  I have more self trust, more compassion for myself and others, better boundaries, and deeper connection with others.  And over these three decades, I have seen the same results in hundreds of my students.

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“Lotus yoga is an intimate and earthy yoga studio.  Regina is a very experienced teacher who can provide an amazing class to any level. She offers classes for beginners, seniors, and advanced students.  I have learned so much about myself by taking her classes. I’ve learned how to honor my limitations, explore my limits, and just play and have fun.  She also incorporates some Native American ideas into her classes that bring you back to nature and our roots.  How cool is that! She offers something that no other studio or teacher does ...herself.  I look forward to how great I feel after I’ve taken one of her classes and I make it part of my weekly schedule to help me manage stress in my life.  It’s the best kept secret in town.” 

—  Melanie



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A Practice

of Wholeness

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